Teeth whitening kit do they really work?

As the new year approaches I thought it was high tide that I did something to boost my appearance,  late nights and my lifestyle have been taking there toll recently. I am not overly concerned with my physical appearance but I do like to look healthy and energised, however at present with dark circles under my eyes and grubby looking teeth it’s time to take action, I’ve decided to invest in a teeth whitening kit.

I initially  was going to take a visit to my dentist however one of the lads from our marketing team said that teeth whitening kits have been taking over social media advertising at present and that I could perhaps look into one of the online kits rather than spending the money at the dentist. The comparison was a £300 spend to  an average of £40, so it was a no brainer, I went for the teeth whitening kit. With a number of options available I was initially unsure not only which brand to go for, but should I pick a charcoal teeth whitening kit, a non peroxide, or, a peroxide kit.

Before I decided to select the product I decided to do a little research, it seems that the activated charcoal kit is very popular. The activated charcoal kits work by removing stubborn stains and plaque due to the abrasive nature of the charcoal. This would be great for things like coffee stains, but I drink quite a lot of coffee, I am partial to Guinness and  red wine on a Sunday night, (not at the same time) and I need actually whitening of the teeth not just the surface stains. With this said if I was going to get dentist type results then I had to use what the dentist use, and that is peroxide. There were plenty of non peroxide versions available , but if you go to the dentist they actually use peroxide to whiten your teeth, so I decided I needed the same.

After searching around, and looking at some of the feedback I decided to get a carbamide peroxide teeth whitening kit. The reason for this is that as outlined, this is what dentist will use within their practise and then you are given the rest of the gels to take home and to complete the course. Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel works by not only bleaching and removing stubborn stains on the surface of the tooth but it also breaks down stains that cause discolouration  within the teeth and make them look yellow, Perfect! Just what I need.

I  decided on getting a kit from Think Bizzle and Smile, they do a range of non peroxide kits as well as peroxide which means they have something for everybody. I decided to get their Dream Gleam kit, which is there new product, it has a 16 LED teeth whitening light that is powered by your smart phone, I thought this was a pretty tidy feature. The additional power from the smart phone  accelerates the whitening process according  to the website. I decided to go for the combo teeth whitening kit, as you get a choice of teeth whitening gel, a starter gel to get you used to whitening, and then a stronger version just to give that added gleam.

Teeth whitening Kit

Teeth whitening kit results

I started  to notice that my teeth were getting whiter after the second go, after 5 applications my teeth had really transformed, after I completed the first syringe I was very impressed with the results. All the surface stains had gone, but I wanted to take the whitening to the next level, when I spoke to the good people at Think Bizzle and Smile they assured me I wouldn’t end up looking like I walked straight-out of an Essex Salon. My purchased included a 22% Carbamide peroxide gel and a 36%. This made a huge difference, my teeth after the first session where gleaming!! After 5 years of looking dingy I finally had the results I wanted, my teeth very white but subtle, which is the look I was going for from the teeth whitening kit.

So thank you Think Bizzle and Smile for making my teeth white again, I would give the over all rating for the product a 4.9 stars out of 5. If your interested in improving your smile, head over to their website to check out their products.